Tips for styling your workspace for virtual meetings

Virtual meetings are likely here to stay. As Kentuckians start to go back into offices after weeks of working from home, its apparent that Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other video conferencing services will still be frequently used.

Practicing safe social distancing is vital, and many businesses have seen the efficiency and access benefits of these online meeting tools for every day use.

When you’re looking at your workspace set up, at home or in an office, there are a few things to keep in mind to make your video conferences look sharp and professional.

Five Tips for Styling Your Video Conferencing Space

1. Tweak the lighting. Good lighting can make or break any set up. Try not to have a window or bright light source behind you. Lighting your face from the front or above will help for a clear picture and flattering look.

2. Be on the right level. No one wants to look up your nose or at the top of your head. Prop up your computer to ensure you are centered in the shot and level with the camera. Tilting the camera down slightly could also minimize the likelihood of a double-chin situation – which no one wants!

3. Frame your face. Move the camera so that you are in the middle third of the screen and don’t have too much room above your head. Try to balance your background if possible to have equal amounts of things on either side of your face.

4. Add some interest. Show a little of your personality with the items behind you. Adding colorful artwork brightens the space and makes it less boring. Get a house plant for a more comfortable look or a globe to seem more worldly.

5. Dump distractions. While some flair looks appealing, avoid clutter behind you in the shot. Try to have a bookshelf or wall, not an entire room, on display to avoid having unwanted visitors or anything that takes the focus off of what you have to say.

Grading my own work from home set-up, I give myself a 7 out of 10.

Follow social accounts like @ratemyskyperoom for a fun look at how professionals in all kinds of settings style their spaces for video.

Don’t want to worry about styling? We put together two collections of Zoom backgrounds to use instead.

— Rachel Nix

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