KYTC project will transform downtown Louisville’s Main Street

By Shayla Lohman, Building Kentucky

On Tuesday, March 19, a public meeting was held to introduce Main Remade, a Kentucky Transportation Cabinet project that will significantly enhance existing traffic patterns along Main Street in downtown Louisville.

Main Remade will enhance safety and accessibility by converting the current one-way street into a two-way street, making travel safer and simpler for all road users.

The project is scheduled to be completed in three phases, with the East Phase to begin later this year. Here’s a closer look at what the first phase will entail:

  • Conversion to Two-Way Traffic: A key highlight of the project is the conversion of Main Street from a one-way to a two-way corridor spanning from 2nd Street to Wenzel Street in NuLu over a span of 10 blocks.
  • Protected Bike Lanes: Main Remade will feature a dedicated protected bike lane, also known as a cycle track, running westbound along the same 10-block stretch.
  • Upgraded Traffic Lights: The installation of upgraded traffic lights will further enhance visibility of pedestrians.
  • Dedicated Turning Lanes: To reduce traffic congestion, the project will introduce dedicated left-hand turning lanes at intersections along the corridor.
  • Enhanced Crosswalks: Crosswalk enhancements will include striping, marking, and lighting to improve overall pedestrian visibility and safety.

For more information about the project and to submit comments, visit

Public comments will be accepted through Tuesday, April 16.

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