MedQuest College says two-year degrees turn economic challenge into opportunity

So, what’s next?

That’s the question facing many workers affected by the COVID-19 related downturn. It’s a question recent high school graduates are getting as well.

If past downturns are any indication, one smart answer will be: “get a two-year degree.”  That was the message from Bruce Kepley, CEO of MedQuest College, in a recent op-ed in Louisville’s Courier Journal.

In the Great Recession, for example, two-year colleges saw a 29 percent uptick in enrollment.  Generally, technical and career-oriented, two-year degrees are more affordable than four-year degrees and have a quick pay-off. It’s a smart way to turn a economic challenge, into an opportunity – giving you more marketable skills in the changing economy.

With locations in both Louisville and Lexington, MedQuest College offers health-related degrees and diplomas that take two years or less, training people to repair medical equipment, work as a medical or dental assistant and more. Learn more by visiting the MedQuest College website.

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