Social distancing for Kentuckians: Measuring six feet in Kentucky’s favorite things

Kentucky businesses are reopening and Kentuckians are starting to resume their favorite activities that they’ve missed while staying #HealthyatHome due to COVID-19. State guidelines suggest maintaining a safe social distance for the near future.

We thought it would be fun to put that distance (more than six feet or 72 inches) into a few easy to understand measurements for Kentuckians.

Social Distancing for Kentuckians

An easy guide for measuring 6 feet in your favorite Kentucky things

  • 1 world’s tallest race horse, Holy Roller was nearly a foot taller than the average thoroughbred at 18 hands high
  • 2 Kentucky state flags
  • 3 Louisville Slugger baseball bats
  • 4 whole country hams
  • 5 college basketballs, we’ll let you pick the team
  • 6 Abraham Lincoln top hats
  • 7 bottles bourbon
  • 8 Derby-Pie® chocolate nut pies
  • 9 buckets of KFC fried chicken
  • 10 silver mint julep cups

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