Share your voice to build a better Kentucky

The mission of Building Kentucky is to amplify ways Kentuckians are building a better Commonwealth. Amid a worldwide pandemic, economic recession and national movement for criminal justice reform, it is important to make your voice heard.

Here are a few ways to promote the policies and causes most important to you.

Vote to Determine Who Represents You 

Kentuckians will vote in a primary election June 23 and general election Nov. 3. Due to COVID-19, any Kentuckian who is registered to vote may request an absentee ballot to be mailed to them for the June election.

The Kentucky State Board of Elections has an online portal to request an absentee ballot, register to vote, update your registration, see which candidates will be on your ballot and find your polling place.

While the registration deadline for the primary has passed, Kentuckians can still register now to vote in the November election. That ballot includes voting for two elected officials that effect every person in the Commonwealth, U.S. President and U.S. Senator, along with many other important races.

Major news outlets often release voter guides outlining the positions and policies of each candidate. Seek out platforms where candidates share their views to find the ones who match your priority issues and then exercise your right to vote in each election.

Contact Your Elected Representatives

Once elected, representatives work for you. Officials in all parts of government rely on the feedback of their constituents when weighing important legislation. It is their duty to be accessible and listen to your calls to action, whether you voted for them or not.

Writing letters by email or snail mail to your representatives can be a powerful way to share your voice. You can also follow them on social media to see where their priorities lie and how they are using their time as your elected official.

Finding who represents you and contacting them is easy. All members of the Kentucky General Assembly (State House of Representatives and State Senate) can be found in the Find Your Legislator search.

Most cities offer contact information for local mayors, council districts and more on their websites. For instance, Louisville Metro Council representatives and contact information for leaders of local agencies can be found using the MyLouisville map tool.  If there’s another government agency or official you’d like to contact, search the listings on

Find Nonprofits That Support Your Cause

Organizations across the state are working to change public policy and support important causes. Connecting with others that share your ideas as a louder, unified voice has its benefits. Nonprofits may also have template letters to legislators or an outline of top-tier issues to streamline messaging.

Use Google to search for nonprofits in your area or visit websites like

— Rachel Nix

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