Word on the street is that P3s are here to stay

By Nolan Miles
P3 Kentucky Staff Writer

People are talking and word is getting around – Public-private partnerships are here to stay. Whether at the P3 Hub Midwest Conference in Chicago, the Public-Private Partnership Conference & Expo in Dallas or the eGOV Summit in Miami, states are continuing the conversation on how to fund highways, public transit and nonprofit endeavors.

While P3s are becoming a new norm in the United States, they’re already gained substantial momentum internationally. Apart from the commonality of creating affordable costs behind large projects, P3s are sought out across the globe to fund municipal utilities. From water plants, sewage systems and even broadband networks, international communities share the reality that municipal utilities are universal, but costly.

During the recent conference in Dallas, a poll was taken among registrants that revealed over 90 percent planned on entering a public-private partnership within the next three years, supporting the reality that public-private partnerships are here to stay.

Click here to learn more about the conversation that took place at the recent Dallas P3 conference.

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