What’s the best doughnut in Kentucky? Food & Wine magazine picks Nord’s Bakery

By Hayley Robb, Building Kentucky

Topped with bacon and a mouth-watering maple glaze, it’s no wonder Nord’s Bakery was voted “Best Doughnut” by Food & Wine in its 50-state list, a national food and drink publication.

This isn’t the first time Nord’s Bakery has been voted the best. Insider.com also featured the Louisville gem in their list of best doughnuts in every U.S. state in January 2021.

History Of Nord’s Bakery

Located at 2118 S. Preston Street in Louisville, the shop is owned by Mike Nord who grew up in the St. Joseph area of Louisville. This area was settled by mostly German immigrants in the early 1900s and like many other children, Mike grew up admiring the cakes and cookies at what used-to-be called Klein’s Bakery.

Mike bought the place from the Kleins when they retired and kept the perfect balance of remnants from the past and twists of his own – starting with the name. He changed the bakery’s name to Nord’s Bakery nearly a decade ago and has been drawing crowds to the storefront ever since.

Most Popular Doughnuts

Like the Great American Donut Shop, hailing from Bowling Green, or the family-owned Lexington treasure, Spalding’s Bakery, dating back to 1929, Nord’s Bakery certainly has its list of “must-haves.”

The maple bacon long john and buttercream-filled Holland Creams are two of the most popular menu items amongst customers, but options range from a classic glazed doughnut or a blueberry cake doughnut to a featured doughnut of the month like PB&J.

Nord’s Bakery offers more than just doughnuts too. Danishes, pretzels, and German-inspired cookies called kuchens are also found on the menu. These are great treats around the holidays.

More Kentucky Donuts

From fancy handmade doughnuts to the classic deep fried delectables, there is not a shortage of temptation across the Bluegrass and there’s a reason the lines to places like Nord’s Bakery, Lexington’s North Lime Coffee and Donuts and Mount Sterling’s Buzz Cup Coffee & Donuts keep getting longer. The doughnuts keep getting better.

You can view the complete Food & Wine 50-state list here.

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