What are the top pet names for 2021? See MetLife Pet Insurance’s list for dog and cat names

By Berry Craig, Building Kentucky

More pets have joined families in the last few months. Adoptions rates soared in mid-2020, up 40% over the previous year, and numbers have remained high this year.

Anyone with a new pet knows how important it is to find the right name for your four-legged family member. Plus, our pet’s names often reflect our interests and personality.

With 2021 coming to a close in a few short weeks, it’s time to take a look at top names of MetLife Pet Insurance pets in 2021.

There’s a long-standing discussion about giving names normally found in humans to pets – things like Oliver, Charlie or Jack versus names like Oreo, Coco and Smokey. Based on this year’s results, more people are naming their pets like they’d name a kid – another clear indication that pets are family.

Luna took the top name spot for both dogs and cats this year, with Bella, Coco, Lucy, Oliver, Max, Chloe, Lola and Penny making an appearance on both top pet name lists.

Top Dog Names of 2021

1. Luna6. Bailey11. Buddy16. Sadie21. Chloe
2. Bella7. Lucy12. Penny17. Stella22. Ruby
3. Charlie8. Cooper13. Maggie*18. Rocky23. Rosie
4. Max9. CoCo14. Lola19. Teddy24. Zoey
5. Daisy10. Milo15. Molly20. Bear25. Oliver

Top Cat Names of 2021

1. Luna6. Oliver11. Max16. Shadow21. Smokey
2. Milo7. Leo12. Willow17. Lily22. Lola
3. Bella8. Charlie13. Jack18. Nala23. Penny
4. Lucy9. Pepper14. Daisy19. Oreo24. Coco
5. Loki10. Simba15. Chloe20. Sophie25. Salem

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