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If you’ve traveled recently across the Commonwealth – or across the country – you’ve probably seen them. Construction workers. Cranes and bulldozers. New buildings and burgeoning developments.

It’s the signs of progress.

After a long, cold recession and a slow recovery, Kentucky is on the move again thanks to public-sector leadership and private business investments. Our economy is “on the grow” with business expansions, new companies and more jobs.

Citizens are anxious to see the next sign of growth – public infrastructure. Wider roads, safer bridges, growing downtowns, expanding schools, improved water and sewer systems, new college dorms and many more investments stalled by tough times and tight budgets.

Thanks to Gov. Matt Bevin and the Kentucky General Assembly, local and state leaders have a new tool to help deliver on those deferred dreams – public-private partnerships. The new P3 law – which allows government agencies to share the investment and split the risks with business leaders – is already opening minds and expanding possibilities for investments that grow communities and opportunities.

That’s where we come in. P3 Kentucky is a communications hub designed to share information, success stories, cautions and best practices in the brave new world of public-private financing.

Our experienced team of Kentucky-born-and-raised communicators will help demystify this financing tool, provide easy-to-understand stories and connections to resources. Our job is to help you find the answers and the experts to decide whether P3 is the right tool for your community.

Our website, p3ky.com, is the nerve center with continuous updates and helpful links.

Our e-newsletters, which are being read by more than 4,000 local and state leaders who are looking for ways to move communities forward, will highlight progress each week in public infrastructure and policy. And because we live in a 24/7 world, our social media channels will provide timely updates on P3 projects and government actions.

Our goal is to share information with leaders who can build Kentucky’s future. For our families. For our children and grandchildren.

And we want to hear from you – your questions and concerns, ideas and plans, successes and challenges. After all, you are the movers and shakers – the decision makers who determine how, and if, our communities grow.

So join us for the journey. And thanks for all you do to make Kentucky better.

Chad Carlton
P3 Kentucky

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