USAID: Moving From Grant-Making To Collaboration With Private Enterprises

By Nolan Miles
P3 Kentucky Staff Writer

Big things are happening in the field of development, and the U.S. Agency for International Development is jumping on board to the changing environment between public and private enterprises.

In an effort to help small-scale coffee producers in Uganda, Rwanda, Colombia, Peru and Indonesia, USAID has partnered with Keurig Green Mountain and Root Capital to strengthen the global coffee supply chain. Additionally, USAID has helped launch a partnership with Syngenta to support food security activities in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Mark Green, USAID administrator, said governments now need to work with private industry to accomplish goals.

“Private enterprise was something to keep at a distance or, if you could, bend it to your will. We welcomed donations from private enterprise. We were even willing to contract with private businesses to obtain goods or receive services,” Green said. “Today, we have moved beyond grant-making and contracting, and instead, we’re collaborating. We’re recognizing that agencies like USAID don’t need to be the sole actors in sectors, if we can be the catalytic actors in those sectors.”

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