UNLV on Path to Become Top-Tier Public University with Help from P3s

By Nolan Miles
P3 Kentucky Staff Writer

The University of Nevada Las Vegas is no stranger to public-private partnerships. During an era known as the school’s “renaissance” period, UNLV has launched a series of construction projects in the hopes of becoming a top-tier public university. Many of those projects are P3s.

Later this fall a $76 million public-private partnership is expected to begin to bring 3,000 new beds to the UNLV campus in the form of on-campus apartments known as U-District. With current resident halls only accommodating 8,000 students, university president Len Jessup says the apartments are much-needed.

In addition to U-District, the university is gathering construction permits to build University Gateway, an $18 million parking and retail space expect to house 820 parking spaces.

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