UI exploring public-private partnership involving utility system

Growing trend in higher education uses P3s to discover additional resources

From Iowa Now:

The University of Iowa recently announced that it’s exploring a potential public-private partnership (P3) with its utility system. The university joins a growing number of institutions across the country looking for new ways to bridge a meaningful gap in available resources. We’ve written about the P3s with the University of KentuckyPerdue, and Oklahoma University.

“The UI is committed to delivering on our mission of education and research excellence,” says UI President J. Bruce Harreld. “Investigating this opportunity over the next nine to 10 months in order to determine if a P3 is right for our campus is a prudent and measured step.”

A successful partnership will ensure the following commitments are kept:

  • The university will be able to operate the plant without burning coal no later than Jan. 1, 2025.
  • The new plant operator will continue to explore new sources of bio-fuels creating sustainable, lower-cost fuel options.
  • All facilities will be maintained by the new operator in similar or better condition.
  • Campus-wide sustainability efforts will be continued.

Check out the FAQs, project timeline and project overview sheet.

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