Celebrating an Important Doorway into Campus

At Building Kentucky, we’ve covered much of the P3s on the campus at the University of Kentucky.

Check out the piece from UK below:

In 2017, we initiated a transformative town-gown real-estate deal with a private developer involving several key parcels of land. That land swap gave the University ownership of the property that formerly housed Kennedy’s Bookstore and Fazoli’s, on the corner of South Limestone and Winslow Street, along Winslow Street to the South Upper Street intersection.

Now – in partnership with Signet Real Estate Group, one of the country’s leaders in higher education public-private-partnership (P3) real estate developments – we are celebrating quick progress in transforming an important doorway into the campus.

The Winslow Project, which was originally announced and approved by UK’s Board of Trustees in February, supports the university’s future in technology, entrepreneurship, education, creativity, service, and research, while working hand-in-hand to make strides in the university’s Transportation Master Plan.

The property will include over 900 new parking spaces and 23,000 square feet on the ground floor dedicated to:

  • Retail space, which will include a food hall focused on local eateries and craft beer, and
  • UK innovation space.

Serving as a multifaceted, multi-purpose space, the project will be another space on campus where ingenuity and creativity unfold. The variety of elements it will cover include serving as a home for UK esports (with a planned esports theater and gamers’ lounge) and flexible innovation space.

The idea is to leverage the open-format space and use of technology to maximize student success, enhance a sense of community, bring together the university and community to foster outcome- and solution-driven thinking and design, connect people with different passions and interests, and provide new pathways for career development in the entrepreneurial fields.

The project is expected to open in Fall 2020, furthering the momentum of the university’s growing campus. The Winslow property will be a key component in a planned innovation district or corridor.

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