UConn Health Takes Advantage of Financial Growth

By Nolan Miles
P3 Kentucky Staff Writer

Building on the success of an enterprise is just as important as starting one, and UConn Health is seizing the opportunity to launch a new public-private partnership after seeing significant financial growth last year.

The program recently announced plans to select a partner for a P3 by September to build on the success of the existing program, which has a new teaching hospital, a new outpatient pavilion and over 80 newly added employees. The program has already seen state funds cut by $16.9 million last year, nudging UConn even further down the P3 path.

“We’re not just much stronger in overall finances and in the patient care enterprise,” Dr. Andrew Agwunobi, chief executive officer of UConn Health, said in an interview with the Hartford Courant. “Even our medical school and dental school — they are growing, they are very successful, as is our research and the incubation of startups that we are doing here. So overall, it’s a very strong positive story that we have here.”

The report announcing the P3 records Agwunobi stating that “long-term sustainability may be best secured through an appropriate public-private partnership,” further explaining UConn’s decision to seek a P3.

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