Tips for Working from Home

A record number of Kentuckians are working from home this week – from Humana executives to kindergarten students.

Here’s some tips for making it work for you.

1. Keep regular hours. It’s easy to flex at home, but you’ll be more productive – and more immediately responsive to clients and coworkers – if you maintain routine hours.
2. A morning check-in keeps everyone aligned. Supervisors and direct reports should strive to email – or better yet – talk, every morning.
3. Pick a dress code and stick to it. Sure, you can dress down a little. But wearing crisp clean clothes will keep you feeling crisp!
4. Move around a little. Back at the office, you probably walked to the water cooler, or stopped by a friend’s desk occasionally. Stand up every hour. Jog in place for a minute or two.
5. Power of video. Audio-only meetings are easy but seeing the expression on someone’s face is better for communications. Use video in some of those meetings!

— Beverly Bartlett

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