Connecticut P3 Uses Solar Power in Underserved Communities

By Berry Craig IV
P3 Kentucky Staff Writer

In Connecticut, a private solar company is working with the state’s green bank to help low-income homeowners save money on their energy bills. Energy costs for Connecticut residents are the highest in the nation, dispropritionaly impacting the states’s most vulnerable population. In Bridgeport, low income homeowners pay about 26 percent of their total annual income on energy bills —  an average of $4,078 each year.

A P3 between PosiGen, Connecticut Green Bank and the state has helped more than 430 homes have solar panels installed in Bridgeport alone — and more than 1,500 across the state. Most families seen an annually energy bill savings of $1,280.

PosiGen earned a reputation for serving this demographic across Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Beth Galante, PosiGen’s vice president of business development and government relations, said the company was a natural fit for the CT Green Bank’s push to engage low-income homeowners across Connecticut. “We knew that there were thousands of low-income families that we could help with our solar and energy efficiency model,” she said.

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