P3 to save the О̄hi’a tree, the cornerstone tree species of Hawai’i

By Berry Craig IV
P3 Kentucky Staff Writer

P3s are impacting flora! Conservation X Labs, a Washington D.C.-based company, has partnered with the U.S. Department of the Interior offices and agencies to identify and develop solutions to detect and prevent the spread of invasive fungi causing the phenomenon known as Rapid Ohia Death (ROD) on the Hawaiian islands.

Conservation X Labs works “to harness exponential technologies, open innovation, and entrepreneurship to dramatically improve the efficacy, cost, speed, scale and sustainability of conservation efforts to end human induced extinction.” The partnership is calling on both scientific and technology leaders to help solve the problem.

“Our goal is to use the best of human ingenuity to identify technological solutions that can save part of Hawai’i’s beauty. This is why we look to engage innovative thinkers within other advanced technology fields through this challenge prize”, said Dr. Alex Dehgan, CEO of Conservation X Labs, “We don’t have to accept ohia’s extinction.”

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