Smart Infrastructure a Necessity for Public Projects

By Nolan Miles
P3 Kentucky Staff Writer

There’s more than one meaning to building “smart” infrastructure, and experts are saying that digital infrastructure is a core component to new infrastructure projects, even bridges, roads and transportation models.

Including digital components like sensors for traffic modeling and multi-layered smart technologies, as well as innovating federal regulations on infrastructure projects, have become a central part to the discussion on the country’s infrastructure crisis.

“Any piece of infrastructure that is going to be incentivized at the local or state level from the feds should include the word “smart” in it,” Bob Bennett, chief innovation officer for Kansas City, Mo., said.

Kansas City has become a leader in smart-city innovation, with a 54-block portion of its city incorporating smart technologies from Cisco and Sprint. Bennett argues that technologies and sensors like the ones used in Kansas City should be applied to other major cities across the United States, claiming public-private partnerships are a useful agreement to fulfill such visions.

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