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By Rachel Nix, Building Kentucky

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) wants your feedback to help chart next 25 years of Kentucky’s transportation future.

KYTC is updating its Long-Range Statewide Transportation Plan (LRSTP) and gathering input from the traveling public through a Kentucky Statewide Transportation Survey at

“Our mission is providing the people of Kentucky and those that travel through our state with a safe, efficient, environmentally-sound, and fiscally responsible transportation system,” said Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Secretary Jim Gray. “But the system also needs to meet the needs and desires of the people who use it, so we’re giving everyone a voice in the planning process. My hope is that everyone will take this opportunity to tell us what’s most important to them as they travel across town and across our state, both now and in the future.”

About the transportation survey

The transportation plan is multimodal and will look at all modes of travel, including car, bus, bike, boat, foot, train, or plane, regardless of if they are privately-owned or publicly managed.

The interactive Kentucky Statewide Transportation Survey will assess the public’s transportation needs, issues, and priorities. The survey can be accessed in English or Spanish from any location, any time of day and is open now through Dec. 6, 2021.

Anyone without internet access and/or who needs additional assistance with participating in the survey can contact Jacob Huber at (502) 782-5061. Paper copies of the survey will also be available at all KYTC Highway District offices, Area Development District offices, and Metropolitan Planning Organization offices across the state.

What’s next

When it’s completed in late 2022, the content of the LRSTP update will set the stage for all KYTC transportation policy decisions and investment strategies to be made between now and 2045.

In addition to long-term goals, it will also include an Implementation Plan of short-term actions that need to be completed to support the fulfillment of the vision, goals, and objectives defined within the LRSTP. The long-range process will take approximately 18 months.

As the LRSTP development process continues through the end of 2022, additional public input opportunities will be available, including a chance to review and comment on the draft LRSTP and Implementation Plan before they are finalized. More information about these opportunities will be posted on the project website,, as they become available.

The last LRSTP was completed in 2014. The plan is updated roughly every seven years to keep it current and ensure it can meet the needs of today’s rapidly changing transportation demands and technologies.

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