Domino’s Pizza Paves Unique Path to Public-Private Partnership

By Berry Craig IV
P3 Kentucky Staff Writer

Earlier this year, the Delaware town of Milford became the test baby for Domino’s new line of business. Rather new takes on pizza pie, Domino’s has a new take on potholes.

Domino’s has recognized that customers are a lot happier when they know the brands they support invest in their communities as well. Customers can nominate their community to have the holes fixed. Domino’s then allocates up to $5,000 to get those irritating holes patched through public-private partnership with the local city or town.

In a time of shrinking local budgets and a growing focus on the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, it’s noteworthy when a company is willing to step up and support local communities. Domino’s is thinking outside the (pizza) box.

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