Pittsburgh Mayor says OnePGH will fund critical services through nonprofit partners

In his annual budget address, Mayor William Peduto said that his office would soon release details on the OnePGH initiative, a new program in which the city will collaborate with local nonprofits and corporations to fund support for critical public needs. Public-private partnerships are a way to fund infrastructure without raising taxes.

The Mayor has been touting OnePGH for much of the past year, describing it as a way for partners outside the government to help fund upgrades to infrastructure and emergency services without raising taxes.

OnePGH began when the city was awarded a grant from 100 Resilient Cities, a Rockefeller Foundation program that helps cities prepare new strategies for physical, economic and environmental challenges. In addition to funding an action plan, the grant also provided for full-time staff to oversee the implementation.

The initial action plan, published last year, recommended that the city invest heavily in green design, job training and pre-K education programs. To fund these and other social services, the action plan called for increased collaborations between the city, corporations and local nonprofits, but did not provide specific recommendations.

The Mayor has offered more details over the past year of how he envisions raising the $3 billion needed for the ambitious undertaking. But his speech at City Council marked one of the first concrete attempts to turn those plans in policy.

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