PennDOT is bridging the gap in statewide infrastructure

By Nolan Miles
P3 Kentucky Staff Writer

In 2008 the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation identified more than 6,000 bridges in need of repairs or replacement altogether. Fast forward to today and that staggering number has dropped to just over 3,000 as a result of PennDOT’s investment to address infrastructure needs over the past three years.

States across the United States have created public and private sector partnerships to address this common issue in infrastructure development. Kentucky, for example, recently agreed to invest in statewide bridge investment to repair more than 1,000 bridges and 5,000 miles of road.

“We are making significant investments in bridges across the state to enhance safety and commerce,” said Leslie S. Richards, PennDOT Secretary. “This project complements our robust program by further reducing our number of structurally deficient bridges.”

To read more about Pennsylvania’s plans to invest in bridge infrastructure, click here.

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