Panel Discusses Use of P3 in City Parks

During a panel discussion recently, leaders in Madison, Wisc., said that public-private partnerships have improved the city’s parks. Madison has used P3s since the 1970s, most recently for a baseball stadium, a sports field, community gardens and a boathouse. A beer garden operated by a P3 is expected to open this summer.

One leader also noted that the improvements brought about through P3s can help revitalize struggling neighborhoods, citing how a private partner renting canoes and paddleboards cleaned up a city park.

“I think it’s a prime example of how a partnership between the city and a private entity can be used to really bring some life to a portion of the city and portion of the neighborhood that may be struggling,” said Jeff Vercauteren, president of Capitol Neighborhoods Inc.

To read more about the panel discussion hosted by The Cap Times, click here.

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