Michigan city to add downtown parking via P3

City leaders in Holland, Mich., recently approved a deal that will add 380 parking spaces to its downtown.

Texas county’s P3 generates energy rebate, savings

Fort Bend County’s public-private partnership with Schneider Electric is paying off. The southeastern Texas county entered a P3 last summer to pay for energy and infrastructure upgrades. An energy efficiency program paid for a modernized jail and failing systems – with no new taxes or increase fees.

Collaboration brings affordable housing to D.C.

Local government in the District of Columbia is teaming up with developers and the AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust on Portner Flats, a 96-unit affordable housing project.

P3s might be answer to federal parks’ budget woes

Like a lot of U.S. infrastructure, America’s national parks are falling behind on maintenance and improvement – to the tune of an $11.3 billion backlog. Yet, President Trump has proposed cutting $322 million from the National Park Service’s $3 billion budget – at a time when park users are seeking more amenities like wi-fi service. Enter public-private partnerships.

What’s the Key to Building a Successful P3?

How can we make this work? This can be a tough question when considering a public-private partnership, whether you’re a public official, business owner or community leader.

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