Logan Street Market to open as year-round public market

This August, barn doors will open to reveal a farmer’s plaza, four restaurants and what founders hope will be a new cultural hub for Louisville.

A Zoo for Plants: Botanical Gardens coming soon

The Waterfront Botanical Gardens are a creation of Botanica, a Kentucky-based gardening organization with goals of improving sustainability.

Op-Ed: Avoiding the road to nowhere means investing in infrastructure

The commonwealth is home to nearly 14,000 bridges and 80,000 miles of roadway, and they are in terrible shape, says Reps Miller and Santoro.

Japan continues to lead in foreign business relations with Kentucky

Japan is the largest international investor in Kentucky, with Japanese-owned companies operating more than 190 facilities and employing 46,000 people.

Report Shows Kentucky Kids Are Making Progress, But Still Lag Behind

An annual report measuring the health and well-being of Kentucky children shows progress in 9 categories, including the children without health insurance, children living in poverty and children whose parents lack secure employment.

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