P3s: The Solution to Homelessness?

By Nolan Miles
P3 Kentucky Staff Writer

It takes more than funding to fight homelessness in cities across the United States. It takes an army, and the private sector in Columbus, Ohio is all hands on deck to address the growing issues behind their homelessness epidemic, including public-private partnerships.

The Columbus Community Shelter Board is a local partnership consisting of 16 separate agencies responsible for funding local homeless programs, bringing together both the public and private sector.

“Community Shelter Board was founded on the idea that a public-private partnership was the most powerful way to respond to homelessness,” says Michelle Heritage, executive director of the Community Shelter Board. “Private sector corporations, foundations and individuals represent a third of our budget, which is uncommon across homeless systems in other communities.”

While funding is a top priority to aid the homeless in the city, many private sector participants volunteer time, skills and resources to help those part of the homeless community. The organization regularly explores solutions to homelessness while simultaneously serving on boards, attending charity events and serving meals at local shelters.

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