New Space NM the  Result of Public-Private Partnership

By Nolan Miles
P3 Kentucky Staff Writer

The space industry is getting some help through public-private partnerships aimed at creating a new cohort to expand the commercial space industry in New Mexico.

“We already have a pretty robust satellite and space environment in New Mexico, with data, satellite and even launch companies operating here, but very little cooperation or collaboration among them,” said Brad Clevenger, president and CEO of Albuquerque-based SolAero Technologies Corp. “As today’s shift from government to commercial funding for space technology gains force, we see real opportunities to strengthen New Mexico’s competitive standing around the world if we work together rather than independently to build our strengths.”

The commericial industry in New Mexico previously relied solely on government funding, while New Space NM hopes to bring new industry leaders to the state. The market is estimated to generate more than $2.7 trillion over the next three decades.

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