New Dollar General distribution center brings 300 jobs to Kentucky

By Drew Roberts, Building Kentucky

As the economy surges, Dollar General opens a new distribution center in Walton adding 300 jobs to the state.

Dollar General has opened its long-awaited distribution center in Walton, Kentucky.

This 630,000-square-foot facility will provide 300 jobs to the northeastern Kentucky area (250 distribution, 50 private-fleet) and support over 800 stores in surrounding states.

With its original location launching in 1955 near Springfield, Kentucky, Dollar General has put another vital supply location back into the state where it all began.

“Dollar General’s decision to add new operations in our state highlights Kentucky’s key location for the distribution and logistics industry, a sector seeing supercharged demand as we sprint out of this pandemic. My congratulations to Dollar General and the many people who worked to make today’s announcement possible. As our economy accelerates, we look forward to seeing this facility at full scale and the company’s eight-decade partnership with Kentucky continue to flourish.”

Governor Andy Beshear

Impact on Kentucky

With this second distribution center, Dollar General has given the state of Kentucky a key role within its logistics infrastructure.

Kentucky’s land holds a significant geographical advantage throughout the Midwest – logistic suppliers can reach two-thirds of the US population within just a day’s drive away from the state.

Due to last year’s pandemic, suppliers and warehouses were met with immediate demand from online sales that generated an overwhelming number of avenues for expansion.

Kentucky leadership hopes to leverage Dollar General’s momentum and continue to develop economic opportunities and jobs for the Commonwealth moving forward.

With $2.2 billion invested in Kentucky from the private sector, more expansion initiatives like Dollar General could be on the horizon.  

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