National Infrastructure Week highlights need for increased funding in Kentucky

With National Infrastructure Week around the corner, many American businesses, workers, elected leaders and everyday citizens are uniting under one message, “Let’s Build for Tomorrow – Staring Now.”

For Kentucky, the importance of improved infrastructure – for roads, rail, water, transit and air – is now more important to address now than ever, lawmakers say.

In fact, Kentucky State Representative Randy Bridges, who serves on the House Transportation Committee, estimates $8.2 billion in funding is needed to repair the damage to Kentucky’s transportation system. However, only $2.6 has been allocated for transportation in the biennial budget.

So, what would increased infrastructure funding mean for Kentucky (other than improved repairs to the roads and increased safety for travelers)?

An investment in Kentucky’s infrastructure will result in an economic impact of $884 million to $1.3 billion, according to the Kentucky Infrastructure Coalition. This not only equates to more industry jobs, but also will help Kentucky embrace its opportunities as a logistics hub and southeastern connector for a majority of the United States.

“We have five interstates, we employ about 250,000 people in the manufacturing sector and we are the third largest automotive producing state. We have about $500 billion worth of goods moving in and out and through Kentucky annually,” said Kate Shanks, vice president of policy development at the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. “The foundation of our economy is our infrastructure.”

The seventh annual National Infrastructure Week, a non-profit organization, is taking place from May 13-20. For more information about its impact, visit

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