$34M investment in stave mill and cooperage startup in Metcalfe County expected to create 126 jobs

Startup manufacturer Pennington Stave and Cooperage Corp. plans to establish a mill in the Edmonton-Metcalfe County Industrial Park with a $34.4 million-plus investment expected to created up to 126 full-time jobs, Gov. Matt Bevin announced Friday.

“Kentucky’s iconic bourbon industry has been an economic powerhouse for generations, and its current momentum is truly astounding,” Bevin said. “From barrel production to distillation, the commonwealth continues to be the perfect fit for any company tied to the production of bourbon and spirits. Congratulations to Pennington Stave and Cooperage, as they launch this innovative new endeavor in the industry and create exciting opportunities for the workforce of South Central Kentucky.”

PS&C selected a 38-acre site in the Edmonton-Metcalfe Industrial Park for the production of staves and barrels in service of the growing spirits and wine industries. The site includes a 30,000-s.f. spec building that will be finished and outfitted with equipment and technology to accommodate stave and heading production, timber seasoning and an on-site kiln for wood drying.

The Edmonton-Metcalfe County Industrial Authority also will construct a new 80,000-s.f. facility for lease by the company. The structure will operate as a cooperage for barrel assembly, charring and toasting to client specifications. Company leaders plan to use American white oak secured primarily from local logging companies and other regional sources.

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