Metropolitan Housing Coalition launches initiative focused on creating opportunity and choice in all neighborhoods

By Hayley Robb, Building Kentucky

Census data shows Louisville has seen more than 40,000 people move to the city over the last decade. More businesses are choosing to locate in the region and yet, the housing inventory has not kept up the pace.

Currently, nearly 75% of land in Jefferson County is zoned for single-family residential use. However, there is a need for 55,000 attainable housing units at or below 50% area median income (AMI), which is why the Metropolitan Housing Coalition launched Attainable Housing for All (AHA!). The initiative is aimed at educating the public on the Land Development Code (LDC) reforms needed to increase housing opportunity, create housing choice, and diversify the types of homes built in Louisville.

Without zoning changes, this issue will only intensify as Louisville’s population continues to grow and more businesses locate in the region.

Attainable housing is essential to attract business, support a thriving workforce and boost the local economy. Attainable housing is essential for all people, from seniors to young professionals, from teachers to police officers, from essential workers to service workers. MHC believes attainable housing is for all Louisvillians.

“Housing is the keystone issue Louisville must address in order to achieve a vibrant, stronger Louisville,” said Tony Curtis, Metropolitan Housing Coalition (MHC) Executive Director. “That’s why we’re launching the Attainable Housing for All initiative to make sure all of our neighbors have the opportunity to choose where they live.”

AHA! has three main goals in LDC reform, which include: decreasing residential segregation and increasing housing choice by allowing attainable housing to be constructed in all parts of the city, increasing the production of attainable housing, and increasing the production of diverse housing types to meet the needs of a diverse and growing population.

“Housing directly affects our businesses,” said Adam Hall, MHC board chair and Fifth Third Bank Vice President, Community and Economic Development Manager. “If our employees aren’t stably housed, they are not bringing their best self to work, which impacts our business outcomes. Without attainable housing for all Louisville will continue to fall behind our peer cities.”

To get involved immediately, Louisville residents should contact their Metro Council Member today to push for more attainable housing options in Louisville.

For more information on the Attainable Housing for All initiative, visit and follow along on social media, @mhclouisville.

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