MedQuest student saves friend’s life while doing homework

A student practicing heart scans for MedQuest College schoolwork made a life-changing discovery.

Jessica Begley, a MedQuest College student studying sonography, asked Chris Ward, a Lexington man working in the college’s admissions office, to help her with a practice heart scan. Students in the program often ask staff, friends and family to help practice using equipment and reading results.

Ward, who is a MedQuest graduate, was thankful he assisted Begley that day. The routine heart scan showed that there was a significantly enlarged ventricle of Ward’s heart and an abnormally dilated aorta. If left untreated, Ward was in danger of having a stroke. She rushed Ward to the hospital for a deeper look, where he was treated with the immediate care he needed.

This isn’t the first MedQuest student to help someone detect an abnormality early. Hunter Brown, another sonography student, found a life-threatening condition that required urgent surgery in his father’s heart last year. 

Many students chose MedQuest to learn to do work that can help people and safe lives. The college’s experiential learning gives students hands-on opportunities to build their career and make a difference.

— Rachel Nix

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