MedQuest College trains ventilator repair technicians

Ventilators and other medical equipment save lives every day – even before COVID 19.

But who keeps the medical equipment going?

Medical Equipment Repair Technicians are truly essential personnel in hospitals and doctor’s offices – maintaining and repairing lifesaving equipment.

MedQuest College in Louisville recently became only the second school in the state to offer a program in Medical Equipment Repair. Their first class graduated in January and their second class is on track to graduate in August.

“Qualified technicians are always in demand,” said Marwa Ismail, who developed the MedQuest program and serves as the program director. “It’s a great job for anyone who is interested in mechanical or electrical hardware. We especially value creative and innovative thinkers. For some critical pieces of equipment, you need people who will work to come up with a patch, until a critical part arrives.”

US News and World Report said that the median salary for a medical equipment repair technician in 2018 was $49,000.

Beyond the salary, Ismail said it is also deeply satisfying work – and a way to contribute to the nation’s health care, even if you don’t think you have the temperament for direct patient care. “Not everyone has a great bedside manner,” she said. “But that’s not the only way to work in health care.”

— Beverly Bartlett

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