Lyft Partners with California County for Employee Transit System

By Nolan Miles
P3KY Staff Writer

Lyft and the Solano Transportation Authority in Solano County, Calif., have partnered to create a public-private partnership transit system for workers to access employer’s offices from the local train station.

“This summer, we are excited to announce the launch of a new jobs-access partnership with Solano Transportation Authority,” according to Lyft officials. “Under this new partnership, Lyft is helping workers connect from the local Amtrak rail station to job parks that sit two to five miles away from the regional rail station. This service fills a much needed transit gap for local social service, food manufacturing and hospital workers who previously lacked reliable transit alternatives between the region’s major rail hub and their place of work.”

Jobs in Solano County have spread to suburban communities in recent years, creating transit barriers for employees to easily access places of employment. Employees from participating organizations, including Solano County Health and the Jelly Belly Factory, can participate in the program.

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