Louisville Water reminds re-opening businesses to flush their pipes

As businesses, schools and other buildings plan to reopen after closing due to COVID-19, the Louisville Water Co. is sending out a helpful reminder.

Louisville Water delivers drinking water to businesses across the region but reminds business owners that they are responsible for water quality. One helpful tip for better quality as you restart your unused or under-used system is to properly flush plumbing before returning to work.

Flush water lines and water-using appliances moves older water that has been sitting in the pipes out of the building and brings in fresh water.

Flushing is easy – and Louisville Water released this infographic to make it even simpler for business owners to flush the pipes in their buildings before employees return.

Want to flush the water line in your home as well? Here’s a how-to video:

For more information, visit https://www.louisvillewater.com/flushing.

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