Lighter traffic lends to daytime paving on Dixie Highway

The last portion of the New Dixie Highway project will benefit from lighter road traffic. Crews working on the $35 million project will now complete much of the final surfacing during daylight hours instead of night time.

Work was originally planned in the evening to avoid traffic interruptions during peak travel times. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant a significant reduction in cars on the road, allowing for final surfacing work to move to daytime.

Moving the construction work to daylight will mean a better and smoother final surface. Even with bright lights on the work site, it is hard for workers to see all the indent and imperfections while paving at night.

The New Dixie Highway project continues with little negative impact from COVID-19 provided essential construction workers can adhere to necessary health and safety measures.

Final surfacing, which includes paving and striping the roadway, is on schedule to be completed by mid-May.

— Rachel Nix

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