KYTC Releases 2018 Road Plan

By Nolan Miles
P3 Kentucky Staff Writer

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s recently released 2018 Road Plan reveals more than $1 billion in funding being distributed to projects across the Commonwealth to repair roads and bridges in the state’s 2018-19 and 2019-20 fiscal years.

KYTC identified more than 1,000 bridges needing repairs in the next six years, resulting in a record annual increase in funding from $122 million to $179 million. Projects like the I-69 Ohio River Crossing project connecting Henderson, KY and Evansville, IN, as well as completing the Brent Spence Bridge interchanges have become “KYTC mega projects” that have gain notable attention throughout the development of the states’ budget.

“For every year repairs are delayed, 150 bridges drop into the poor condition category, further adding to the backlog of aging bridges and roads. When critical bridges are out of commission, it affects direct routes for school buses, emergency services, motorists and businesses moving freight,” said KYTC Secretary Greg Thomas. “Devoting dollars to invest in asset management removes transportation barriers, preserves our infrastructure and supports the economy.”

Public-private partnerships have paved the way for extended funding to complete mega projects similar to the I-69 Ohio River Crossing across the Commonwealth. Currently, there are over $1 trillion in repairs needed to improve infrastructure in the United States, grasping the attention for new public-private partnerships as an additional funding source.

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