New Kentucky Chamber CEO Ashli Watts Highlights Infrastructure Needs

Business First talked with the new Kentucky Chamber CEO Ashli Watts on her work to date and what’s ahead.

“On Nov. 1, Elizabethtown, Ky., native Ashli Watts became the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce’s first female CEO, succeeding Dave Adkisson.

In doing so, she takes over an organization tasked with lobbying on behalf of the business needs throughout Kentucky, a state notorious for its urban and rural divides.

The promotion comes after Watts spent seven years navigating the halls of Frankfort as a touchpoint on public policy. In recent years, she has served as a chief voice for the chamber on statewide lobbying and advocacy efforts.”

When asked what the state was missing from a business perspective, her response highlighted the state’s infrastructure needs:

“We have made many great strides in the last few years of enacting pro-growth policies that have led to record number of business investments and record low unemployment.

However, the one area where we must act soon if we do not want to be left behind is properly investing in our state’s infrastructure.

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