KY Capital Plaza Tower Replacement Revealed

By Nolan Miles
P3 Kentucky Staff Writer

The 26-story Kentucky Capital Plaza Tower is one step closer to being replaced. CRM Companies, along with D.W. Wilburn, won the competitive bid for the project and recently revealed to the public the new state office building that will be constructed on-site where the existing Capital Plaza Tower lives.

The five-story, 385,500-square-foot building will offer more space than the existing Tower, which currently houses about 1,500 state employees.

“I think it should be in the 60-year category,” said Craig Turner, CEO of CRM Companies, when asked how long he expects the building to last. “We’ve implemented a unique program through the Finance and Administration Cabinet, to make sure the building is maintained properly. So, the better we maintain it, the longer life it has. It could actually be much longer.”

The state will lease the building for approximately $7.3 million annually for 30 years. The contract was unanimously approved by the lawmakers.

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