Kentucky’s Growth Depending on Transportation Infrastructure

By Nolan Miles
P3 Kentucky Staff Writer

Business growth is determine by many factors, but there is one that tops the cake: transportation. As communities across the Commonwealth continue to grow economically, Kentucky’s infrastructure has a duty to meet the needs of its commuters and business owners.

Cities like Louisville, Northern Kentucky and Paducah rely on roads, airports, railways and waterways to increase commerce and feed the economic development taking place. Proper infrastrcurte and transportation gets employees to work every day, brings in goods, and exports products for purchase to places across the globe. Many in Kentucky’s Congress have championed for improved infrastructure and road plans, encouraging others to see the benefit of public-private partnerships.

Kentucky lawmakers have been working to increase revenue for our roads and bridges while simultaneously improving how funds are properly distributed across the Commonwealth. Here lies the opportunity for new public-private partnerships to unfold to address the financial burdens of Kentucky’s infrastructure. Public-private partnerships share the financial burden between both the public and private sectors in a commonly-known win-win contractual agreement.

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