Kentucky works to connect communities with internet services

By Drew Roberts, Building Kentucky

Gov. Andy Beshear is making a push for a more connected Kentucky.

As part of his Better Kentucky Plan, Gov. Beshear is collaborating with nearby broadband providers to bring reliable internet services to communities without access.

With Beshear’s primary goal of generating 14,500 jobs, the Kentucky Broadband Deployment Fund is expected to connect 10,000 of these jobs with the online resources necessary to run a successful business.

Creating a more connected Commonwealth

The recent COVID-19 pandemic exposed some of the repercussions and hardships communities will face without a broadband infrastructure.

This initiative goes beyond helping businesses by allowing more families to keep up with current events and disaster protocol. Ultimately, having a more connected Commonwealth helps unify and protect the Kentucky population moving forward.

“COVID-19 demonstrated just how critical it is for all Kentuckians to have reliable internet access to stay informed, safe and connected. This is the first step toward strategically using these funds to support the construction, development or improvement of broadband access across the commonwealth, with our unserved communities receiving first priority.”

Gov. Andy Beshear

How to submit thoughts and ideas

Gov. Beshear’s Kentucky Broadband Deployment Fund contains $300 million state dollars completely devoted to connecting services to communities with little, or in some cases, no internet.

The state is accepting thoughts and ideas from broadband providers through a Request for Information (RFI). Here, these providers can exchange comments and suggestions on the guidelines, processes and expectations of the project.

With Beshear’s new broadband initiative, communities will be able to make connections more quickly and consistently, keeping them ahead of the curve on what’s happening on their street, in their cities and around their country.

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