Kentucky women launch alcohol-free “bourbon”

Have you heard the buzz about the bourbon that won’t give you a buzz?

Three Louisville women have developed Spiritless Kentucky 74, an alcohol-free “bourbon.” The new product, now available for preorder, has been getting favorable, but slightly incredulous write-ups in publications like MashedGarden and Gun, and the New York Times.

Spiritless is touted as a distilled drink with an extra process for removing the alcohol. The website promotes it as something that can be used to avoid hangovers and reduce calories. It can be mixed half-and-half with real bourbon for those who want the best of both worlds.

On the pre-order page, they highlighted a comment from a woman who said she was excited about the option to enjoy at weddings and other occasions without violating her religious objections to alcohol.

Another “review” noted that it would help him enjoy his favorite drink, despite a medical condition.

“I have been diagnosed with a heart condition that recommends I stay away from alcohol and caffeine – talking about a horrible situation for this old Kentucky boy to be in!” he wrote. “I do enjoy a couple of bourbon on the rocks to wind down my Friday evenings, but now I have to settle for only the rocks. I hope this is a great alternative and am looking forward to trying your product!”

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