Kentucky REALTORS® mark 100 years of service

Founded in 1922, Kentucky REALTORS® is celebrating a major milestone as it reaches its 100th anniversary in 2022. The longstanding trade association represents more than 12,800 real estate professionals across 19 local associations in the Commonwealth today. Kentucky REALTORS® is marking this significant achievement by highlighting how REALTORS® have helped build and strengthen communities in the past 100 years and sharing its vision for the real estate industry for the next century.

“REALTORS® make communities better one home at a time and through many good works as they strive to improve the REALTOR® “R” they proudly wear,” said 2022 President of Kentucky REALTORS® Mike Inman. “We see our 100th year as a time to celebrate the valuable impacts REALTORS® have made on the Commonwealth and share how we will continue to help the lives of all Kentuckians as trusted guides and real estate advocates.”

100 years of Kentucky REALTORS®

Kentucky REALTORS® has experienced many ups and downs in 100 years. The real estate industry has historically been an indicator for future economic growth and rebound. In 1922, the average home was only 1048 square feet compared to today’s 2,333 square feet. It cost just $6296 compared to today’s $168,998! As we start 2022, home sales remain above pre-pandemic levels with rising inventory and a resilient home buying market. Today, housing contributes to an average of 15% to GDP in Kentucky.

One thing that hasn’t changed over 100 years is that REALTORS® believe in the American Dream of homeownership. When more Kentuckians own their homes, communities are strengthened, families are able to build wealth and barriers are broken. REALTORS® are here to help and Kentucky REALTORS® as an organization is here to help them.

Since 1922, Kentucky REALTORS® has been the voice of real estate and property rights in the Commonwealth serving its members, the real estate profession, and homeowners. The association’s work to ensure the honorable and ethical practice in real estate includes increasing access to home ownership, helping attract jobs and talent to Kentucky, and encouraging positive community development.

More on the centennial year

Planning for events and announcements throughout the centennial year is underway. Visit or follow @KentuckyRealtors on social media for the latest on this historic milestone.

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