Kentucky REALTORS® CEO Josh Summers reflects on busy first year in charge

By Cory McCauley, Building Kentucky

Josh Summers is the CEO of Kentucky REALTORS®.

Kentucky REALTORS® welcomed CEO Josh Summers to its team in June of 2022. Josh sat down with Building Kentucky contributor Cory McCauley to reflect on his first year with Kentucky REALTORS® and what the future holds for the organization. 

What has your first year in the role of CEO been like? 

The first year of being CEO of Kentucky REALTORS® has been a year of discovery. I have spent a lot of windshield time traveling to each of our eighteen local associations, getting to know our members and leaders across the Commonwealth. I’ve enjoyed the sunrises and sunsets on each of these journeys and experiencing all that Kentucky has to offer!

How do you like living in Kentucky? 

My wife and I genuinely love living in Kentucky. Our membership has been incredibly generous to me, spending time sharing their issues and getting to know one another. This has been the best career move for myself to date. The culture, small-town flare, and inclusivity make you feel as if you’re a part of something great (and the bourbon trails are nice, too).

How has this role challenged you as a leader? 

In this role, you have to understand how to manage personalities. As the CEO of a trade association, you have a new President and Leadership Team at the helm each year, and each has different goals and objectives that they want to accomplish. Each member has a different leadership style and set of expectations, so meshing those together and aligning those styles with my own can be challenging. I am incredibly fortunate to have a supportive Leadership Team and one that supports my ambition and steadfast approach to achieving goals.

What are some wins for Kentucky REALTORS® this past year?

Ensuring HB62 (wholesaling) was signed into law was a massive win for our Association and consumers across the Commonwealth. REALTORS® are community advocates, and fierce protectors of property rights and the ability to achieve the American Dream. Ensuring that all those who practice real estate are licensed was a win for all Kentuckians. Additionally, we brought a brand-new health insurance benefit to our members last year. Accessing affordable health care as an independent contractor can be extremely challenging, and we are proud to offer affordable and effective plans for our members. We have also built great relationships with our local associations and Association Executives, as they are the lifeblood of our organization.

What goals do you have for the rest of 2023? 

For 2023, we want to continue to provide more benefits to our members that will enhance their businesses and make the path to the closing table as efficient as possible. Kentucky REALTORS® has an extensive strategic plan that we are in the process of implementing, which will benefit not only our members but consumers as well.

What can members expect for the future of Kentucky REALTORS®?

Members can expect incredible customer service from our team. Our staff is dedicated to our members, working around the clock to address any questions or issues that may arise. We will continue to create and implement member services that are truly beneficial to our profession. Our advocacy efforts will only grow stronger, as we work with our elected officials to protect consumers and businesses across the Commonwealth and ensure a prosperous future for all Kentuckians.

We will continue to enhance our collaborative efforts with our local associations, as well as other trade associations/real estate partners such as the Home Builders Association, Chambers of Commerce, and others. We are also in the process of conducting a study on first-time homebuyers, in order to aid in our advocacy efforts and research all possible avenues to assist those who are trying to purchase their first home so they may achieve the American Dream.

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