Kentucky man saves dad’s life thanks to MedQuest College schoolwork

A year ago, Hunter Brown’s routine school work saved his dad’s life.

The MedQuest College student found a life-threatening condition that required urgent surgery while practicing taking heart ultrasound scans. The Lexington-area family is celebrating the special anniversary as Brown prepares to graduate this month with an associates degree in sonography and echocardiography.

Saving lives can be part of the job but Brown didn’t know he would be saving his own father’s life before he even graduated. Brown immediately noticed something was wrong in the scan even though his dad had not shown signs of an issue. He was lucky he did, because a serious calcification on his dad’s aortic heart valve needed immediate attention. Within two weeks, Brown’s dad underwent open heart surgery including a bypass, valve replacement and a pacemaker.

MedQuest College has locations in Louisville and Lexington where students like Brown train for degrees and diplomas in allied health careers. Brown was drawn to MedQuest and its sonography program because of the history of heart disease in his family. Saving his father’s life solidified why he went into the field.

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