Kentucky Launches Website Focused on P3s

By Ed Green
P3 Kentucky Editor

This week, the Commonwealth of Kentucky rolled out a website aimed at providing an “easily accessible array of information that government agencies and potential private sector partners need to understand about solicited and unsolicited public-private-partnerships.”

The site, provides information and resources about how businesses and government agencies can navigate the P3 process established since the state passed legislation last year to enable more P3 projects in Kentucky — both at state and local levels.

In addition to providing links to the state’s regulations and statutes related to P3s and procurement, the new site includes tips and checklists for potential P3 vendors. It also provides links to resources and guides for public officials considering a P3 project.

Although the site, which is managed by the state’s Finance Cabinet, does not advocate for P3s, it lists these benefits:

  • Leverages private sector expertise and funding to advance government projects
  • Stimulates job creation and economic growth.
  • Brings projects to fruition more quickly.
  • Enhances infrastructure and quality of life.

“The ability of Kentucky government agencies to work with private sector partners on projects gained momentum in 2016 with passage of legislation regarding public-private-partnerships (P3s) for projects,” the site explains. “Government agencies, both state and local, will determine if a solicited P3 is the appropriate way to proceed with certain capital services or construction projects.”

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