Kentucky groups call on legislators to increase transportation funding

Three Kentucky groups are urging lawmakers to increase infrastructure funding for transportation during the 2020 session.

Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, Kentucky League of Cities and Kentucky Association of Counties released a statement calling on transportation investment legislation including improvements to roads and bridges. The call follows the failure of a proposal to increase investment in Kentucky infrastructure during the 2019 session. A similar bill is expected to be filed this year as work continues on the state’s budget and Road Fund.

The statement from Kentucky Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Ashli Watts, Kentucky League of Cities Executive Director J.D. Chaney, and Kentucky Association of Counties Executive Director Jim Henderson said:

“Now that the budget process is officially underway, it is time to reiterate a top priority for the 2020 session, which is to increase transportation funding across the Commonwealth. To continue economic growth, ensure safety for our citizens, and create better jobs, we must seize the opportunity to increase our commitment to the road fund and other modes of transportation. We simply cannot afford to wait. We urge the governor and the legislature to act now to increase funding for our transportation system.

Improving access for our citizens and for visitors is paramount to the success of the Commonwealth. States cannot compete for new businesses, new jobs, or new tourism destinations without adequate infrastructure, and if we wait any longer to make these investments, Kentucky ultimately will fall behind. We cannot let that happen.”

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