This Kentucky clothing brand is spreading Appalachian chic worldwide

From the Courier Journal:

To complete his look, Barney Willemse needed an authentic American trucker hat.

But for 20-year-old Willemse — an insurance company worker by day and an aspiring country music artist by night — that wasn’t going to be easy. Willemse lives in the Netherlands and has never even been to the U.S., he told the Courier Journal.

Then, scrolling through Instagram one day, Willemse saw it: A hat of blue mesh and foam, and on the front, a square patch emblazoned with orange-hued mountains and the words: “New Frontier Outfitters.” The hat was from Kentucky.

Founded by brothers Jared and Josh Ravenscraft in Morehead, Kentucky, New Frontier Outfitters is slowly building a cult following among enthusiasts of retro-outdoors wear and seekers of American blue-collar chic.

Avid hikers and skiers themselves, the Morehead natives told the Courier Journal they grew up feeling alienated by outdoors brands. The “big boys” of the industry — Patagonia and North Face — were focused on the American West, said Jared Ravenscraft, 26.

Today, New Frontier Outfitters has a brick-and-mortar store in Morehead with outposts in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, and Cave Run Lake in Kentucky. The brothers say they regularly ship hats, shirts and other gear across the country and the world.

eCommerce businesses continue to grow in Kentucky.

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