Kentucky breweries help recruit poll workers for November election

Brewers in Kentucky are helping address a shortage of poll workers for the November general election.

Secretary of State Michael Adams’ office partnered with the Kentucky Guild of Brewers to promote poll worker recruitment and voter registration on beer cans leading up to the election. Craft breweries across Kentucky, including Monnik Beer Co. in Louisville, Pivot Brewing Company in Lexington, Dreaming Creek Brewery in Richmond and Wooden Cask Brewery in Newport, are participating in the campaign.

Labels were designed to wrap around beer cans pointing Kentuckians to register to vote and apply to work the polls. Because many poll workers are typically over the age of 60 and considered especially vulnerable to COVID-19, the need for younger volunteers is greater than ever this year.

Adams previously announced extended options for voting by mail and in-person for this pivotal election to ensure all Kentuckians are able to vote safely. While Election Day is Nov. 3, Kentuckians will have many options to vote early this year.

Elections in Kentucky typically require about 15,000 poll workers, but Adams said his office has recorded just 3,000 for the upcoming election as of Sept. 1. Without enough poll workers, voters could face longer lines at fewer polling places.

Visit to register to vote, sign up to be a poll worker or find out where you can vote yearly in this year’s election.

— Rachel Nix

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