Infrastructure Brings Billions to Bluegrass State

By Nolan Miles
P3 Kentucky Staff Writer

Business in Kentucky is growing, and the state’s infrastructure is falling short of meeting economic needs. With highway accessibility being the No. 1 factor determining new business locations, Kentucky can’t afford to miss out on new business prospects interested in locating to the Bluegrass State, according to Juva Barber, executive director of Kentuckians for Better Transportation.

Barber notes that funding to invest in infrastructure improvements is becoming difficult to come by, restricting company connections to the global market. Kentucky’s location to inland waterways, airports and rail systems provides a booming opportunity to expand our present economy and offer more jobs to the surrounding regions.

Kentucky has welcomed four companies to the state in the last two years that have brought the state more than $5.6 billion dollars. UPS, Toyota, Amazon and Braidy Industries have capitalized on Kentucky’s transportation system in a win-win contract to grow their respective business while simultaneously boosting the state’s economy.

To learn more about the importance of maintaining and expanding Kentucky’s infrastructure, see this report by Juva Barber, who also is chairwoman of the Kentucky Infrastructure Coalition

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